7-Drop Stemmed Chandelier

This free-blown glass chandelier has seven drops comprising of shades and stems suspended from a 260mm diameter ceiling plate. Use your choice of semi-opaque or darker colours to accentuate the classic, elegant lines of the stems or go bold and choose one of the fresh, bright, transparent glass colours. Classic meets modern with this art inspired chandelier.

There are 22 glass colours to choose from the Curiousa range and eight different flex colours. Click here to request a sample pack.

Designed and hand-blown to order in the UK.

Delivery 6 weeks unless otherwise arranged.

Pictured here (from top): Purple Bowls with Slate Grey stems, Citron Bowls with Smoked Olive Stems and an Emerald Bowl with Emerald stem.


Width 310mm
Height to be specified (pictured 800mm)

£3,325.00 ex. VAT
£3,990.00 inc. VAT