The Snowdrop

This pendant light was a collaborative project between Curiousa and Studio Dekka for The Wellcome Trust. We were inspired by the colours and shapes in the space which reminded us of a snowdrop flower, and combined the simple and elegant curves of the petals with the gentle translucency of semi-opaque white glass to create a pendant light that expresses the softness and purity of this early spring flower.

The hand-blown semi-opaque glass allows the light to diffuse evenly through the pendant, emitting a beautiful soft glow, providing an atmosphere of serenity.

Pictured here against the backdrop of colourful wild garden wallpaper which was designed by director and designer Esther Patterson using pictures and drawings from her own garden.

This versatile design is also suitable for a bathroom or spa as well as any indoor tranquil space. Although snowdrops are a white flower - choose any of our other 22 colours to bring the vibrant hues of your garden indoors. Set against 'Garden is Sanctuary' wallpaper, also designed by Esther Patterson, launching at London Design Week 2018.


Width 140mm x 275mm

£412.50 ex. VAT
£495.00 inc. VAT

Bathroom Variant

£570.83 ex. VAT
£685.00 inc. VAT