Chilli Banana Restaurant

When we were approached by Chilli Banana in Cheshire to provide the lights for their newly renovated Thai restaurant, we knew that the colour choice would need to match the zest of the Southeast Asian cuisine this upmarket chain was known for. With a selection of pendants from our Classic range providing the basis for the look, the owners chose an eclectic style, with clusters of lights at different heights, sizes and colours, bringing a dynamic energy to the space. Of course, you can't have a restaurant called Chilli Banana without some vibrant reds and yellows, so we rose to the challenge and elected Garnet and Ruby reds with Yellow Ochre and Canary pendants to take centre stage, complemented by Slate Grey, Aubergine, Smoked Olive and Purple pendants for a harmonious mix.

The pendants used here are a mix from our Classic Pendant range, Pear Drops, Acid Drops, and a Triptych Dine.  

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