The Curiousa Classic Collection includes the Teardrop, the Bowl, the Traditional, the Retro and the Round - five pendant shapes that helped start the Curiousa & Curiousa story. Perfect as a single statement glass pendant, paired to sit beside a bed or found hanging in a three over a kitchen island, these pendants can be mixed and matched in any colour combination and any size.

There are 23 glass colours to choose from the Curiousa range and eight different flex colours. Click here to request a sample pack.

Designed and hand-blown to order in the UK.

Delivery 6 weeks unless otherwise arranged.

Pictured here: (first image left to right) Teardrop, Bowl, Traditional, Retro, Round

Classic Traditional

Small: Width 140mm, Height 140mm
Medium: Width 180mm, Height 180mm
Large: Width 220mm, Height 220mm
Extra Large: Width 270mm, Height 270mm

Classic Teardrop
Small: Width 120mm, Height 160mm
Medium: Width 160mm, Height 200mm
Large: Width 200mm, Height 240mm
Extra Large: Width 250mm, Height 290mm

Classic Round
Small: Width 130mm, Height 120mm
Medium: Width 170mm, Height 160mm
Large: Width 200mm, Height 190mm
Extra Large: Width 250mm, Height 240mm

Classic Bowl
Small: Width 140mm, Height 120mm
Medium: Width 180mm, Height 160mm
Large: Width 220mm, Height 200mm
Extra Large: Width 270mm, Height 250mm

Classic Retro
Medium: Width 200mm, Height 100mm
Large: Width 240mm, Height 120mm
Extra Large: Width 280mm, Height 140mm
(not available in small)

Small £245.83 ex. VAT £295.00 inc. VAT
Medium £275.00 ex. VAT £330.00 inc. VAT
Large £354.17 ex. VAT £425.00 inc. VAT
Extra Large £479.17 ex. VAT £575.00 inc. VAT