Glass Chandeliers


Sixteen small hand-blown glass droplets light up like luminous gems. Acquiring its name from Isabel Cordero, friend of founder Esther Patterson. “This light-piece was born from Isabel’s inspiring design request for a chandelier with ten small droplets, suspended in a cluster. It took two years to develop the tiny G4 fitting. But we did it in the end and we’re very pleased with the results. Pleased enough to launch it as a sixteen drop chandelier - thanks Isabel for the inspiration”.

Pictured here are Isabel’s colour choices - Transparent Teal, Emerald and Yellow Ochre are mixed with semi opaque Canary, Lichen, Blau and White to wonderful effect. Two droplet sizes (diameter 70mm and 90mm) are lit by a tiny LED bulb, discreetly positioned at the top of the light allowing the glass to be the star of the show.

There are 23 glass colours to choose from the Curiousa range and eight different flex colours. Click here to request a sample pack.

Designed and hand-blown to order in the UK.

Delivery 8 weeks unless otherwise arranged.

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Plate width 610mm
Height be specified (pictured 1000mm)