Jamie Oliver Restaurants

Curiousa have worked with Jamie on a number of occasions now; our lighting is featured on both his 15 and 30 minute meals, as well in his Union Jacks restaurant.

For 30 minute meals, Esther even helped hang her lights on set and met Jamie too - and yes he is as adorable off screen as on! In fact, everyone was lovely. Esther was was even supplied with a dish of delicious fresh spaghetti, basil and mozzarella for lunch. What a great day, thank you Jamie and team!

Having been commissioned to supply his first flagship Union Jacks site in Holborn, Curiousa and Curiousa were again approached to light his second restaurant in Chiswick.

Featuring pendants from the new Acid Drop range, the lights create a warm, vibrant yet intimate space.

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Photograph (c) Chris Webb: www.chriswebbphotography.com