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Our team here in Wirksworth sends lights all over the world; to showrooms, businesses, hotels and homes. We love our Curiousa lights and the story each one of them helps tell in their new setting. 

Very recently our friends at Avenida Home in Bath sent us some photos of our pendants in their ‘part gallery, part showroom, part studio’ … And we fell in love!

We were delighted when we saw our pendants against Avenida Home’s new backdrop, courtesy of ‘Surface View’ – a company that have licenses from all of the major British art gallerys to turn famous and timeless pieces of art into almost anything. A mix and match of Curiousa pendants sit amongst ‘An Alley of Trees in a Park’ a piece produced by Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld that currently sits in the National Galleries of Scotland.

Avenida Home produce a stunning range of home accessories, including some beautiful ceramics, linens, place mats and coasters. All unique, all on trend and all incredibly desirable!