We’ve read some great pieces so far on predicted trends for the upcoming year and are really excited by what we’re expected to see. Below we’ve picked out some of our favourite trends:  

With this year’s Pantone colours of the year it is widely predicted that pastel colours are to dominate home décor this year. Soft blues, pinks, yellows and greens are thought to be key influencers with this trend. Did you know that we have a choice of six semi-opaque colours you can choose from?

2016 seems to be the year of stripping design back to basics. Wood, natural elements and ceramics are big trends this year and its something really close to our heart. For the lights that are complemented by wood we use local woodsman Matt About Wood. Every piece he produces is unique to the next, we love the story wood can tell and can’t wait to see what is going to be done with this trend this year! 

One trend we’re really excited about is ‘Tableware’ – with ‘Foodies’ taking over, people are getting much more into dining both in and out of the home which may be a reason this trend is so apparent for 2016. Avenida Home is a brand that hold Curiousa lights and they produce some beautiful and incredibly unique tableware collections, definitely one to watch out for this year!

Lastly, what has got to be our favourite predicted trend from Vogue is the ‘Statement Pendants’. We often have people coming into our showroom, having a play around with the lights and creating their own statement pieces. From 20-drop stairwell chandeliers to additional bubbles on lights or mixing and matching colours, our lights are adaptable and can change any room in any house.

Our 2016 Spring Collection will be launching very soon and is certain to tick a few of the expert’s predictions boxes, you’ll have to keep following for more on that though!

We’re really excited for the year ahead and thrilled you’ll be joining us for it!