This year, the Hygge trend has taken the interiors community by storm. “Hygge is the art form of creating intimacy in any given moment.” There is nothing quite as comforting as seeing those pictures of blankets, roaring fires, hot baths and intimate lighting. It is the smells, the décor, the lighting and most importantly the feelings we all seek as the seasons change.

We’re very well known for our use of colour and this time of year we’re surrounded by it. There really is nothing like an English Autumn, strolling through parks with such vibrant leaves decorating our paths. Invite those colours into your home and maintain the brightness through your decorative lighting.

When it comes to lighting this winter, the one key message we have is ‘give yourself options’. Your lighting should be bright in the day but cosy at night. We aren’t suggesting to change your bulbs from afternoon to evening, what we would suggest is a dimmer. It is so easy to hibernate away in winter, to stay inside with little lighting and lose days at a time. Though this sounds like the dream, it might make it even harder to make it through those winter months! Enhance the natural light that does make it through by switching dimmers up fully – by enjoying the daytime and keeping busy, you’ll feel a little less cheated when those nights close in!

We have done some extensive research into bulbs this year – with filaments on their way out, LEDs are fast becoming the go-to option. There are still very few decorative LED lights on the market but its something we are committing a lot of time to and promise to bring our customers the best options as and when they are available.

You might be focusing on dining rooms and kitchens for dinner parties and celebrations this festive season but its so important not to forget the rooms where you’ll actually spend most of your time this winter.

If your idea of a perfect winter is hibernating away with some good books then it is definitely worth investing in a good table lamp or reading light. Table lamps are perfect for highlighting your favourite pages, not being intrusive and are so versatile in being moved from one setting to another. A table lamp could be great in giving your living room that extra brightness you need for darker nights and perfect for picking up those metallic hints in the wallpapers that have become so popular this year, just like this Harlequin paper featured here. All just so perfectly hygge.

Light up your home with hygge, hues and a touch of Curiousa! Check out our Autumn inspiration on Pinterest.