We gave you a glimpse a few blogs ago into the photoshoot – our first with Jennifer Haslem. We had such a great day and as you’ll see from the photos, Jennifer really understood everything we’re about. The pops of colour with the yellow accentuate the playfulness and boldness of the lights being launched.

The lights being launched are the Oshka, the Oolong and the Gobstopper lights. The Russian-doll silhouetted Oshka lights show off their dancing colours against the pastel palettes of the Oolong pendant. Put the two together or simply position them as stand-alone pieces, they’re set to make a statement in any room.

Standing tall amongst the Oshka and Oolong is the Gobstopper light – taking its name from the classic childhood sweet, they are enough to leave any audience speechless!

As with all of our other lights, the pendants are available in all 21 of the Curiousa glass colours, get in touch if you’d like our team to send you one of our sample packs.

We’ve got some BIG news coming very soon but for now, we'll let you enjoy your first taste of summer!