Rachel Beckett Interiors invited us to design a bespoke stairwell chandelier that spiralled down across three floors, the piece was hung in a stunning location next to the New Forest National Park overlooking the sea and Lymington key-haven nature reserve. The objective for this ambitious project was to hang the chandelier from a skylight positioned above the stairwell to maximise light exposure through the window. 

After our site visit prior to installation, we then designed and made a brushed steel, spiral suspension which was positioned centrally to the skylight using wire rope.  A cascading swirl of 23 hand-blown glass shades were chosen in a cool colour palette to blend with the owners existing decor, starting with Slate Grey and moving down to Smoked Olive, Steel Blue, Teal, Yellow Ochre and finally Citron, these lights all beautifully merge together and create a statement piece full of colour and vibrancy.

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