Launching exclusively at this years Decorex, Curiousa & Curiousa introduce their new chandelier
‘Tiger Lily’. This striking piece hints at our Colonial past with it’s art deco feel and far eastern
influences. Creating a striking yet elegant light that injects an intoxicating blend of luxury, colour and decadence.

Curiousa & Curiousa’s designer Esther Patterson commented ‘The tassel lights evoke a bygone age of opulence from the daring 1920’s and the influences at that time from the British travelers who brought back rich and luscious textiles and objects from the far reaches of our planet. As a nation we embraced these influences and a special style emerged from this. But to bring this piece up to to date we’ve mixed a contemporary Copper, rich Aubergine, Smoked Olive and Yellow Ochre.

Also launching at Decorex is the 'Lotus Dine’. Individually free-blown and hand-crafted to order, 'Lotus Dine' features three pieces of hand-blown glass, suspended beneath a bespoke, half metre disk of walnut wood, and their new table lamp; ‘ The Tulip’. This elegant stemmed light was inspired by both masculine and feminine design influences, fusing solid lines with a softer silhouette to create a striking lamp that gives a nod to mid Century modern design.

Stand A35, Syon Park, London, Sept 17-20