Rakesdale House, Alton

Large spaces with high ceilings provide the perfect opportunity to really pull out all the stops with a design, and this dining room in a beautiful old house in Alton gave plenty of scope for the imagination. We wanted to create an eclectic colourful focal point for the room that could bring a bright and cheerful energy to the space, and by choosing a mix of warm reds blues and yellows, Extra Extra Large pendants and Triptych Stacks spread over a wide area, we were able to provide the room with a grand statement piece that really brought it to life. 

The kitchen features two fresh coloured Dine Lights hanging from original plaster roses, and in the stairwell we positioned a Four Drop Pendant Chandelier in pendants from our Classic range suspended from a plate in Aged Brass. From the dining room, you could catch a glimpse of the stairwell lights which picked up some of the hues from the dining room pendants, and added an extra layer of colour to the space.

Pendants and Colours

Dining Room: 2 x Bubble Lights in Garnet red and Yellow Ochre, and in Yellow Ochre and Aubergine / 2 x Orb Moderns in Turkish Blue and Purple, and in Purple and Garnet Red / 2 x Extra Extra Large Classic Traditionals in Ruby / Triptych Orb Stack in Turkish Blue, Garnet Red, Purple, Aubergine and Smoked Olive / 2 x Triptych Stem Stacks in Turkish Blue, Aubergine, and Yellow Ochre, and in Ruby, Aubergine and Turkish Blue.

Stairwell: Four Drop Pendant Chandelier - Round in Garnet Red, Bowl in Purple, Traditional in Yellow Ochre, and Teardrop in Ruby, all in Medium. 

Kitchen: Dine Lights - Turkish Blue, Slate Grey and Aubergine

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Photograph (c) Chris Webb: www.chriswebbphotography.com